Universal Socket Connector

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No more bulky tool-sets when ONE tool does it all!

Universal Socket Connector automatically adjusts to any size or shape of screws with its unique spring loaded design, easily connecting with most electric drills, electric screwdrivers, and manual ratchet wrenches.

Equipped with a power drill adapter, this socket tool instantly adjust to grasp most metric, hex, nuts, hooks, and most irregular shapes.

The durable construction includes 54 super strong steel rods that are individually spring actuated allowing the socket to automatically conform to any shape instantly.


  • SELF-ADJUSTABLE: Conforms to any shape instantly with 54 steel rods that are individually spring actuated.

  • UNIVERSAL FIT: Fits both standard 1/4 to 3/4 inch and metric 7 to 19 mm nuts and bolts. It can also grasp hex nuts, square nuts, crew eyes, tension screws, bolt heads, even worn and damaged heads!
  • QUICK FIX: Turns any power drill instantly into a power socket driver. Loosen and tighten fasteners in seconds and get the job done even faster!
  • ULTRA DURABLE: Made of premium & strong steel of industrial grade for firm operation and high durability.
  • COMPACT SIZE: Portable size to fit in your pocket and can be brought with you anywhere and to fix anything. Keep it in your car, boat, bike, backpack, tackle box, or back pocket!

  • SPACE SAVER: Replaces all bulky tool sets and save your space & time.
  • HOME DIY: Perfect for home improvement, carpentry tools, construction, auto repair, woodwork, and other DIY projects.



  • 1 x Universal Socket + Drill Adaptor Rotary

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