Telescopic Wire Password Lock

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A Safe, Fast & Easy Way to Lock
And Secured Your Important Belongings!
How do you deal with your things when you pack up and leave for at least a while? Carrying your valuables is a hassle, but leaving it dangling from your bags or cabinets is just not very practical... or safe. Securing it is your best option - and it just got a whole lot easier!
It’s a sleek & attractive locking key chain, 100% waterproof and will not rust, coated with durable PVC plastic for protection and to prevent scratching.
  • Secure & Tough: High quality metallic 3 dials can be customized to provide 500 combinations, easily set your own password combination.


  • Strong Cable: 80 mm long flexible steel cables consists of ultra-strong steel braided line coated in PVC for weather resistance, scratch protection and durability.


  • Multi-Purpose: Designed for indoor and outdoor use, these locks can be ideal for bags, luggage, cabinets, bicycles, gates & fences, grills, sports equipment, tool boxes & more.


  • Durable & Easy to Carry: Rustproof, weatherproof, small size and light weight, easily tuck into your pocket to carry around.

  • Easy to Use: Reset your own combination is very simple and clear. You can follow the instructions to reset. The numbers on the combination lock are easy to read, and the dial is easy to rotate, which locks and unlocks in seconds.


  1. Before using, please change your password first ( Default password is >0-0-0< )
  2. When changing the password: (a) Roll back the cable ;(b) press down the cable head ( fig. 1 ) ;(c) Dial the numbers to your desired number ;(d) Pull out the cable head, remember your password.
  3. Cable controller can control the rolling of the cable, when pressing down the cable controller you can roll back or pull out the cable to certain length.
  4. When locking, dial the number to the password, then put the cable head in the hole, when hear " ka-ka " it was locked, then dial the numbers by random.
  5. When opening, dial the number to the right password, press the unlock button, pull out the shackle, and roll back the cable.

  • Material: ABS
  • Size: 70 x 58 x 21.7 cm
  • Color: Black / Silver

Package Includes
  • 1 x Telescopic Wire Password Lock
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