Power-Free Lint Removing Roller

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Want A New Look For Your Old Coat?ūüß•
Get Rid Of Annoying Fur Balls, No Battery NeededūüĒč‚ĚĆ
  • 2 in 1 LINT AND PILL:The integrated Power-Free Fluff Removing Roller¬†picks up pet hair in a flash, dusts away dandruff¬†and can be used to beautifully¬†finish any de-pilling job.¬†
  • WIDESPREAD:¬†The Power-Free Fluff Removing Roller¬†adjusts to a variety of fabric¬†such as, sweaters, hoodies, jeans, yoga pants, safely removing fuzz, lint or pilling.¬†
  • DE-PILL:¬†Hold the roller firm but gentle and¬†strokes to remove¬†the offending pills and fuzz balls.
  • 45 DEGREE ANGLE USE:¬†More effective when used right,¬†angle the tool in 45 degree¬†to remove lint and pill effectively.

  • VERSATILE:¬†You can¬†use to multiple things.¬†Clothes to furnitures,¬†this tool helps you to clean up fur, lint or de-pill on fabrics. A modern tool need to your home!
Product Specification:
  • Size: 12cm * 17cm
  • Weight: ~130g
Package Includes:
 1 x Power-Free Fluff Removing Roller
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