Portable Mini Sealing Household Machine

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Stop letting your potato chips go stale! 
  • No More Stale Chips! This mini snack sealer let you seal any leftover snack package perfectly with a simple smooth glide! No more wasted or stale snacks! 

  • 5 Seconds Instant Heat Sealing! This mini heat sealer is designed with a quick warm up time within less than 5 seconds! Simply press down the clamp to activate the mini ceramic heat plate for an instant heat sealing for any food packages! 

  • Wide Applicability! This handy mini sealer will keep all your food deliciously fresh and dry, from groceries, chips, candies, flour, snacks, leftovers, and more! 

  • Seal Your Leftover Snacks Anywhere! This mini sealer comes in a small, portable build so you can seal your packages anywhere and anytime you want! 

  • Easy Storage! Comes with a magnetic back, you can simply stick this mini sealer onto any metallic surface, such as your refrigerator, for an easy storage and access!


  • Materials: ABS Materials
  • Weight: 6g
  • Power: Insert two No.5 batteries in the machine


  • (1 PC Set) 1* Portable Mini Sealing Household Machine
  • (2 PCs Set) 2* Portable Mini Sealing Household Machine
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