Neon Light Magical Tattoo Sticker

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Glow tattoos will make you unique in the crowd! 
Kids will go wild for these fun Tattoos! 
✅ Luminous Neon Light -  Temporary Tattoos will need a good few minutes of activation by light before they will glow in the dark. Magical and glow in the dark. 
✅Safe Tattoo Sticker - Made of non-toxic green based ink to print out temporary tattoos. Safe and no chemical smell. For sensitive skin, please use with caution.
✅ Long-Lasting Sticker -  Glow in the Dark Temporary tattoos long last for 3-5 days, depends on how many times scrub the tattoo with soap and water. 
✅Glow in the Dark - These glow temporary tattoos are perfect for a night party! You can choose the pattern you like and create your own style.
 Recommend Use - temporary tattoos can be stick on the waist, chest, neck, arms, back, etc.; for better use, please do not covering it on the wound or use broken tattoos, and keep the skin clean before use.
How to use:
1) Cut out the design and remove the transparent paper cover
2) Place temporary tattoo face down on your skin
3) Soak a sponge with regular water and wet the surface of the tattoo thoroughly and wait 20-30seconds
4) Gently lift corner of temporary tattoo to check if it is transferring. If it has transferred, gently peel off paper. If not, press down and wet again
5) Remove the paper and enjoy the beauty of your temporary tattoo
1 Rub the Temporary Tattoo with alcohol or makeup remover or cold cream or baby oil and then wait 10 seconds.
2. Rub again gently and repeatedly until the tattoo has disappeared or by scrubbing it off with soap and water

Do not apply to sensitive skin, near eyes or if allergic to adhesive. Also not recommended for children under 2 years old.
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  • 10 sheets x Neon Light Magical Tattoo Sticker (package 1 / package 2)
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