Instant Self Threading Needle Tool

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It is very hard to insert a thread into a needle, especially when you have poor eyesight and/or shaky hands.
You always ask help from anyone near, but worry no more as we present to you our INSTANT SELF THREADING NEEDLE TOOL.
The Instant Self Threading Needle tool is a set of needles that is SPECIALLY DEIGNED and MADE to INSTANTLY and EFFORTLESSLY INSERT THREAD to the NEEDLE.

The needles are made of HIGH QUALITY STAINLESS STEEL material, 12 pieces in a pack.
It has a SPECIAL WOOD MADE container. It is very DURABLE and SAFE to USE.
Instant Self Threading Needle tool is PERFECT and VERY HELPFUL for PEOPLE with Poor Eyesight, Shaky Hands, Hand Tremors, Big Fingers and even young ones who love to sew and do DIY Embroideries.
VERY EASY to use, simply LOOP and RUN the thread along the side of the needle, in JUST A SECOND your needle with thread is ready to use.
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